Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let's Talk About It

Video #2 is posted!!!
i can't tell you how scary this project is. not knowing what you're doing and revealing how clueless and shameless i'm trying to be, is pretty cray-cray. this took me FOREVER to edit. mainly because i interviewed my friend and we kept rambling for a good 45mins. that along with my own video and chopping off as much fat as possible to condense a somewhat coherent story into 3-4mins is pretty hard for me, compounded with technical difficulties, AND i've also been sick, yet again and knocking in and out of consciousness. i imagine it'll get easier.  this experiment is pretty interesting. for now it's an idea/discussion, but i have so much more to go! i have to really get into the shamelessness of it all and i'm still only skimming the surface. any who...check out the vid:


*Tasha said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! You are so fun!!! Can't wait to see more videos, but we are so overdue a gabfest over coffee or dinner. Let me know when you're free!!!!

Guyanesesista said...

Found you on YouTube. I've only watched one video so far and you're already awesome. So far the shameless self promotion is going great. I'm struggling with that too.