Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the end is only the beginning

yes it's true! my run here at frugalartist is reaching it's next phase. as of July 4th (hopefully) mayawashington.com will serve as my own personal site and blog. it will be jam packed with all things maya: photography, acting, directing, shopping, thoughts...everything i talk about here :) who know's maybe i can somehow tie this blog into my site but as for now i will be on hiatus so if you want updates you can follow me at:

the link may have technical difficulties but add me: Maya Washington facebook.com/mayasworld

Monday, May 2, 2011


sorry for my lack of posts. i really am obsessed with making my film writing become a reality...but hold that thought...all the research i'm doing for my script is now being funnelled into a documentary. with everything i've learned, people interviewed, been awed by, and researched, turning this process into a documentary makes sense. it's do-able and a stepping stone towards the eventual scripted film. so that's what i've been up to...writing proposals, finding funding and all that fun business stuff. i'm hoping to have interesting tidbits to blog about in the near future.
in the mean time more classic movies...the amazing Muriel's Wedding. So grood!!!