Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Child's Play

and finally to sum up my month of november i booked a bag of voice work :) first gig which is still ongoing is for a Canadian's kid show called Dino Dan. my job is to describe what's happening in the scene, professionally called video description. call me ignorant but it didn't even occur to me that blind people "watch" tv. any who i absolutely LOVE it! i get to be my animated self and part of something so wonderful.
the next gig was for a bunch of children's audio books! and not to mention a few New York Times Best Sellers all up in the mix :) my absolute fav book was Jazz Age Josephine! i can't wait to get my copy. my only "meh" moment is how little fun i got to have reading the books. for the younger aged books i had to read in s-l-o-w motion! something i am definitely not used to. and i felt like such a robot...put the inflection here, read it again, anunciate the "t", yadayadayada! by the end of it i had no idea how anything i was saying could possibly make any sense. but then again i'm a perfectionist and it was definitely an interesting learning curve. now for the photos...
and that pretty much sums up my busy month of november. i feel like i'm back in my creative groove and am definitely looking forward to january when i'll have more time to create fabulous works of art

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Boo Boo's Bday!

after getting my vitamin D on i celebrated the hubby's bday! we went to upstate ny's Phoenicia in Catskills and stayed in a cute little cabin called Phoenicia Lodge. i realize there are plenty of adventures just outside our very own city. and i felt kinda guilty that i went to a beach so this was the perfect little getaway :) i lober ju boo boo!!!

There and Back Again

days after halloween I was whisked off to Punta Cana to photograph my friends wedding. sand, sun and a tan was just what I needed :) and not to mention being part of a love celebration

i'm still editing but here are a couple photos i sent the lovely couple for their facebook profile pics :)
here's what my editing looks like :) cutie pies!!!

The Making of a Rupaul Wanna Be

November has been a busy and awesome month! I'll be making a few post to catch you up to speed :) First up, I was successfully transformed into Rupaul. I haven't found time to post my glorious photo shopped images but they are on the way...because they're super late I think I may go the route of holiday photos but here are a few...