Thursday, March 31, 2011

go BIG or go home

just enough is no longer enough for me. i've gone through 3 jobs in less than 1 year and clearly Maya is too big and needs to be the boss :) i can now check off "educate myself on the business side of arts" from my 2011 goals which is however an ongoing process. i studied the grind at the studio and now know what works and what doesn't and more importantly what i like and don't. now for bigger and better things...THE SCRIPT! remember that? i'll have to be obsessed if this project can get the big CHECK in a decent time span. i've interview several people over the phone but one in particular is semi-identical to my protagonist. she lives in LA and her personal story speaks VOLUMES to me and a phone interview just doesn't cut it, which means an in-person interview and an excuse for a trip to LA! details still need to be worked out but that's the plan.

another 80's movie/story inspiration that to this day still rocks my world, Revenge of the Nerds

"always searching, always learning, always changing, always growing, never stopping."

and where have you been missy?!

over a month and no post! what's up with that?
well...i was trapped in the 3rd dimension of the mind. thought! along with my now terminated job at the studio. i finally realized what i want changes from day to day and i can thank Niki from SingleBubblePop for lending me her book 4 hour Work Week. I have serious issue with being an employee and working for bozos so i need to put my money where my mouth is and start working for me. i guess i needed to be pushed into a corner until i had nothing left to do but push back. anyways it took a vacay to universal adventure island, roller coasters, fams, and sun for me to realize what had to be done. i'll elaborate in the next post...for now, PICS with my lovely instragram.