Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vancouver's Heritage meets Modern

this weekend i'm switching it up and photographing home interiors. a few friends of mine (Ronse Massey) are in the business of home renovations and turn out hot-mess homes into modern, luxurious habitats while revitalizing Vancouver's Heritage. for those of you who don't know Vancouver, BC is known for it's cottage-esque architecture. however, mass production developers have done away with the old (quality) and in with the new (cheap) condo-shoe-box living. team Massey on the other hand has pulled out all the stops while maintaining integrity and I absolutely love what they've done. the amount of detail they paid attention to is insane! lovin' the clean lines! next up for Maya Washington...livin' large :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

asian invasion

i confess i have an obsession with all things asian. well maybe not all but a lot! i hit up a small asian mall out here seeking a tin pencil case that could double as a makeup brush holder and found the cutest and probably politically incorrect but super fun pencil case that makes me smile "happy ra ra island"!!!. oh and it was only $4 bucks

and i couldn't resist blowing my nose with these cuties

i love how random asian stationary is. well the english makes me laugh "the night sky stretches to overhead of you if you looks up into the sky". erks?! oh and ears on those pens retract the pen. too cute!

and yes that would be me feeling up my living room wall. those leggings i'm wearing were too irresistible at $5 bucks. they will probably make a guest appearance in an upcoming shoot :) i found them at the Richmond night market on friday

Sunday, August 9, 2009

and more tests!

this has been quite the week for model tests. my homie Ghassan is leaving for Montreal monday so we jammed as many tests as we could before he leaves. next model up is Duncan with NEXT reminiscent of Nigel Barker from ANTM. Duncan was a dream to work with. He's South African raised in Australia and London and has the cutest accent ever. introducing the many sides of Duncan. Special thanks to Corey!!!

and here are more on Kathryn. we turned all the girls out with their inner Sasha Fierce! Kathryn is tooooo hooooootttt to handle

Saturday, August 8, 2009

more model tests

i did 2 shoots yesterday. 1 with hot model Duncan and here's new face Sarah at NEXT models. girlfriend is too hilarious! we were all laughing way too much. i'm kinda shock that they turned out as well as they did considering how distracted we were. Sarah was laughing so hard she started crying and ruined her makeup and made her nose go red.
thanks Gus (makeup), Corey (agent), Sarah (model)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

model test

since i don't have a flickr account and i haven't updated my site with tests i thought i'd share my work here. this is model Kathryn with NEXT agency and we had lots of fun shooting till the wee hours of the morning. we didn't know while planning it but this is such a lady ga ga look (kinda gross but kinda HAWT!)

that's what makeup, styling and lighting does. Fierces a girl out!