Sunday, April 29, 2012

Camera Ready

what a week! i so wanted to do a post on some sort of fashion diy, but i must now spend my sunday editing video for YouTube and write this post! i'm working out a system so everything is timed to the "T" and i have more than enough time to do my hearts desires. but for now i thought why not share some of the things i learned for creating a video with ME in front.

1) first you need a camera. i'm using my canon 7d. point and shoots work as well and i've used them for previous videos. even some built in phone cameras get the job done.

2) have a good mic!!! i forgot to bring my Rode mic for my last video but not this time around :) if you don't have the funds for a mic and happen to have an iphone they have a dope a$$ built in mic which you can definitely use.

3) do your makeup and hair and wear clothing that looks good on camera and represents you! if i'm gonna put my face out there for people to critique i might as well put some effort into getting camera ready. i don't usually wear powder makeup but i busted out my Rupaul kit to get even skin tone and color. i also chose fun colors cause i'm all about it :)

4) get used to being in front of a camera :) in my instance it's my friend so i can be myself, flaws and all.

5) pick an area that has nice day light and compliments yo face. i love both photography and filming with natural light. if it's day out, best believe i'll be filming by a window or outside.

6) edit your video! people get bored FAST! keep it short. i need to refine the art of 2 min videos. but it's a good idea to have different angles and locations when shooting. i edit using imovie. i have the new final cut but they totally revamped it, i kinda have to re-teach myself. i'm happy to be a mac user since it comes with so many fun and cool programs for free! but editing moving images? is a whole other beast. i imagine i'll get faster and better but for now, slow and steady wins the race. if you don't have editing software, YouTube gives you the ability to edit your footage.

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thankyou so much for sharing!