Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vintage Shopping in Brooklyn

finally some time! i spent my memorial day yesterday sleeping in and biking around the city. i took my under developed muscles and hubby and biked down to Williamsburg.
this bike weighs a ton! great for getting a winter body back into shape :)
we biked through Times Square...gross i know but this was beautiful. i think this was at Toys R Us

i finally checked out Beacon's Closet...i've never been there until yesterday. the place is massive but i couldn't really get into my shopping zone knowing that David was sitting there waiting for me.
i died when i spotted these. mint condition reebok hightops for $10 never been worn!!! size 10 and i'm an 8...BOOOOOO!!! 
shopping with a straight man is just mean...poor him :) David escorted me to Buffalo Exchange (i'm so lucky to have a patient husband) and i scored the cutest sweater ever!!! YAA!!! (i know it's summer but still! too cute) and it was $9 bucks!
and i scored these uber cute glasses...tres tetris-slash-lego. i had spotted them here in the city from the street vendors but passed...i saw them again and had to buy them. $8.50!
i spent under $20 on this kiddy, cute, fun look! woot woot!

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