Saturday, October 31, 2009


i wish it were halloween all the time. ok maybe not all the time but more than once a year. dressing up is way too much fun! it's the one time of the year creativity is bubbling everywhere. as you all know i'm Minnie Mouse and being the crafty person i am i set out to make my costume. my first stop was Dressew. this store is off the hook! i always find my textile needs here. every Halloween this store is jam packed with last minute shoppers and of course i was no exception.

the first part of my costume i tackled were the gloves. i'm thinking this will SELL the cartoonESQUE of my costume and it's the hardest. here's what i did:
1) i started first by making a pattern by tracing my hand.
2) after i traced around that with 4 chubby fingers.
3) gloves typically have 2 layers: front and back, but i wanted thick gloves so each glove had 4 layers: 2 for the front 2 for the back.
4) i used the sewing machine to go around the complete outline of the glove to bind them all together
5) and then a zig zag stitch around AGAIN to keep the fabric from fraying.
6) and finally i added 3 huge black stitches to give it that cartoon look

the next part of my costume were the bloomers Minnie wears underneath her skirt. you could probably skip this part but i'm a sucker for detail. i pulled out a pair of pj's i owned and made a rough pattern for my bloomers from those. since the bloomers are baggy there's room for inaccuracies.

and of course Minnie's signature skirt. i loved working with vinyl since it doesn't fray which means less work for me. i made the pattern for Minnie's skirt from a green leather skirt i own. my only regret is i wish i had a poofy skirt to copy from. the dress i made isn't as tight as my pencil skirt but it could be wider. at $4.99 a meter and only buying 1.5 meters you can't go wrong

and finally Minnie's bow. i was gonna go old skool and do the hat but it cost more time and money. so bow it is!

that's all for the costume sewing. i'm gonna run and paint my face and have some fun tonight. the final results will be posted asap along with full on photo shoot :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

it's that time again...

...Halloween that is. i've been boggling my mind as to what i'm going to be and it just came to me. MINNIE MOUSE! i'm going to be soooo cute! and of course i'm going to do a photo shoot for yall. here's my inspiration image:

i hit up the fabric stores tomorrow to start my hunt. i'll post all my diy steps. oh i'm gonna be a riot!

Monday, October 5, 2009

can i take your picture?

why of course!
it's the Vancouver International Film Festival right now and i was invited to hit up the red carpet with my homie Luisa (aka Stories on the Stage) who is about to take over Vancouver and Canada for that matter. and your frugalite got to finally premiere her Versace number! i'm so glad i bought this dress! my boobs are impenetrable and can shoot bullets in this number. speaking of numbers i happen to be #1 'most unique' dressed as seen on Style Quotient
but now i divulge. i paid $100 for this Versace number at Century 21. try not to hate.

me acting a fool

i hooked myself up with some handmade earrings to round off the look. and that's Luisa and yes she kinda looks like Miley Cyrus but hotter and exotic

District 9

i don't know about you but i LOVED District 9! i just came home from watching it and i was pleasantly surprised. i loved how they casted obscure actors, i loved how the CG or whatever they used looked very convincing (i always said productions should go back and use animatronics. like check out Falkor in The Never Ending Story...he's like real!). and to top it all off i loved how this movie wasn't about the lead up to the aliens. they showed them right off the top and gave them a voice and the circumstances they were discovered were all believable. and hats off to Neill Blomkamp director and writer or District 9. it's a politic statement done in such a creative and inventive way. VERY powerful! and props to Neill for shedding some light on the military and District 6. i can't wait to watch District 10 and hopefully they don't sell out like the Matrix. So far my movies of 2009 are this along with Up

Sunday, October 4, 2009

technology loves me

i am soooooo very sorry for the non-existent posts. i finally got a new mac (mine crashed) with all my new programs that were deleted AND i got the lovely snow leopard. it also didn't help that i was in NY with my hubby who's internet was all wonky for the 2 weeks i was there and then forgetting my cell phone's charger there leaving me isolated from everything i love! no phone and internet is THE WORST!!!
check out my 'new' phone i had to buy off craigslist for $20 since stupid telus (phone provider) wanted to charge me $40 for a charger! and since i'm not signing a new contract no spiffy phone for me. besides, i won't be here much longer since i'm planning the big to the big apple soon. any who...take a look. progressing from left to right is the evolution or rather devolution of my telus phones the right being my current phone. it me or is there something wrong with this photo? i effing can't wait to move to NY in feb/march so EFFF YOU telus!
p.s.s. more posts coming your way. stay tuned...