Friday, May 18, 2012

to drive or not to drive?

for the time being my travels have been restricted to roadtrips. i have no clue what brought it on but my left ear has been all jacked for the last several months...doctors are baffled. anyways, that's another blog post...thankfully home is an 8hr drive away.
we started our trek at 5:30am. it's so quiet and beautiful in NYC at this hour :)
somewhere south of Syracuse. 
we're driving the stupid gas guzzler dodge nitro. i'm not big on 4x4's especially this one. 6am and it's cold out and the heat decided to spit out cold a/c air even while it was off...argh!!! and once it got hot outside at around 11am the heat decided to work. not cute!
and the cry baby that is Jackie finally gets to stretch her legs out while breaking the law. 

and yes i hooked me and my girl up with a pretty lilac paint job while David manned the wheel :)

a flight from NY to TO usually cost around $350/person plus $100 each way for the pooch. that would be $900. although the flight is only 1hr, getting to the airport takes another 1hr, and since Toronto is an international flight we have to arrive 2hrs ahead, plus customs, who like to pick on me, plus picking up any checked luggage, plus driving from the airport home...that's about 5hrs. driving directly from NYC is 8hrs..7 if we decide to speed demon it out.  the extra 3hrs and spending $250 on the car rental and around $160 on gas with a grand total of $410 versus $900? yup i'll keep my $490 in my savings account thank you very much.

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