Saturday, July 23, 2011

make me up

i've taken a turn down girlie road for makeup!!! i've been on youtube watching endless tutorials on "how to do drag makeup" as well as "dramatic eyeshadow". with an over the top caribana mas costume my makeup has to be equally avant garde. however my kit consists of oh so natural looks. so how can i achieve fabulousity for under $20? i made my way over to Cosmetic Warehouse located at 1333 Kennedy Rd in Scarborough. after much hand painting i found the Profusion 48 color eyeshadow to have the most color intense shadows. and i was also looking for various shades of green.
cost: $4.99

as soon as i got home i tried them out. these shadows are awesome! even after i washed my face with a cloth it still clung on for dear life. wanna be a drag queen or up your makeup skills? check out youtubers: pixiwoo, miss chievous, julieg713

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

caribana warmup

it's official!!! i will be joining Shannon Boodram and her TGAW posey on the streets of tdot celebrating CARIBANA 2011!!! yesterday i made my way over to the Saldenah boot camp to pay for and try on my mas slash scandalous outfit. my booty is all out and i need to do some serious crunches...hopefully i can stick to Shannon's ab work out tips. this isn't the outfit but isn't it lovely?

i've never played in mas and i'm all about livin' it up. so yes! i'll be 'sexy' for a day. my filipino mom disapproves...i love it! this is one step closer to my brazilian idol

if you'd like to go all out and play mas next summer here in Toronto visit:

Friday, July 15, 2011

that's life

i apologize for my mia action here on blogspot. i would love to check in and be regular as i was back in Vancouver but life happened. ny has been a bitter/sweet experience for me. the married life is WORK! career is WORK! maintaining sanity is WORK! i've been chewed up and spit out here in NY but in perfect Maya style I do manage to stay on top. so happened and my attention has been on that and not my blog among other things that bring joy in my life. having said that lucky me is on vay-cay here in tdot which was much needed! time with friends and family and peace and quiet was well over due. i'm planning on moving on out the hood into a place i can relax in and call home this september. i'll definitely be in a more positive, creative head space and have more to blog about. i do apologize...things are in the works and as i mentioned i'm on instagrm, twitter, and facebook which has more happenings.
some photos from instragrm

flew with Porter which had awesome prices on flights $243 return. WOOT WOOT!!! and they serve chilled beverages in glass cups...classy :)