Wednesday, May 2, 2012

get yo nails did!

i'm such a casual-boheem-joggers-hair out nail polish, no lipstick,  just basics. but all these photos on instagram are making me envy these fun designs. so now i'm officially addicted to nail polish and nail art. i usually only get my nails done when i'm hanging out with my homie Dahlia, but me and miss Andrea Lewis got our nails done at the salon over a week ago and i'm looking at the nail tech like, "give me that nail polish and let me do it". she free handed a black french manicure and it wasn't as clean as i would have liked it. however, it was a nice treat having someone hook me up especially my toes. but as you all know i'm about saving my pennies. this look i did at home cost under $5. i already had black and pink nail polish which i bought for $1 each on 125th in Harlem. i just got those stickers for french manicures for $2 and instead flipped them upside down. i love how black nail polish looks as an accent but you can use any colour combination. make sure the base color is DRY! i put the sticker on too soon and it ended up peeling off the pink. but can do so many designs if you play around and get creative.
even Jackie's upping her style game :)
you do realize nail art on dogs would be a sensation...especially here in nyc


British Belle said...

I love these colours together, so hot!
I've just posted my new nail design, you might like it check it out if you like =)

Have a fab day,

Candace said...

Love this & I will be doing this To Day... Thank you very much :)