Thursday, September 25, 2008

maya's world!

i'm sick! working too many days on set with 4am call times is finally taking a number on me. i'm filming a movie for Battlestar Galactica and working with the amazing Edward James Olmos. today is my day off from set but no sleep for the wicked. my uber talented cousin Matt finally sent me illustrations for my animation sensation. i wanted to scream when i opened my email but it was 10pm and i've got a crazy dude living below me :0 isn't she so cute?! this afternoon i need to make my way down to Bellingham to get my prints off. hopefully i get some rest saturday :S

Friday, September 19, 2008

prints galore

here are some new prints that will be making their way to Bellingham, WA.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i hear voices

what you've all been waiting for, well maybe not all of you. as some of you know Maya Enterprises have been taking over the arts and animation is no exception. i've been in the studio laying down some tracks and here are a couple teasers. i have tons more which i will post when i have everything complete. visit:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

give tahnks

what better way to give tahnks than with your very own hand made card. yes, i'm at it again. this time i made the card a 2in1: envelope and card. perfect for dropping in the mail box with the address on the back. the cardboard was salvaged from my chicken nugget box personalized with some magazine cut outs.
cost: $0+creativity

sealed with come crafty yarn and ready to mail.

Monday, September 8, 2008

"save the trees"

today has been a very interesting day. besides learning i'll be taking out Centurions (more of that later) and meeting up again with Coreen and Heiki tomorrow, i spent the day getting my prints together for their debut opening at The Handmade Life. dang, there's lots of money involved in going 'green'. this is no joke! sometimes i want to save the dollar and get something flashy but my green voice keeps saying "save the trees". included in my green packaging is 100% recycled business cards purchased here and biodegradable crystal clear bags purchased here. now all i have to do is wear a potato sack and bamboo slippers and the deal is sealed. i'll post photos of the final product next week.

Friday, September 5, 2008


i've been realizing a lot lately and part of that is is concept of 'inspiration'. on my wall i have a part of my collage that reads "inspired by life" which is a motto i live by. we are all inspired by life; the people, places, and things around us and i think it's beautiful when inspiration is shared. shared inspiration creates momentum for you and everyone around you. it allows you to "create possibilities & express your vision of what is possible". as of late many people have inspired me drastically and as a result i have inspired them. if you're a person who feels threatened 'why they bitin' my styles?' turn it around. it truly is a compliment. you've inspired them! it's not about copying, unless someone blatantly did verbatim the subject copied, in which case, stop that! inspiration is creativity, inspiration is playing outside the lines, inspiration is being courageous, inspiration is a good thing! do whatever inspires you. you'll be that much happier. this is for all the people who've inspired me and vice vera. trust in the Maya! she will share the light ;-)


here are some teasers from the shoot i did a few weeks ago. you can see the rest here. keeping my fingers crossed, but in the mean time my partner in crime and i have been brewing ideas for winter. hope you enjoy this:

i'm so SORRY!!!

i know the story of my life. my deepest apologies to my hard core know who you are. i'm in the lab planning a world wide take over and not making enough time for my blog. 'blog' that's such a funny sounding word. who invented the word 'blog'? any who, before i get side tracked i should update you on my happenings. so the big secret i've been keeping from the masses is that i'm turning into a cartoon. yes, that's right, a cartoon! for those of you who don't know me i am a real life cartoon waiting to be penned which is happening right at this moment. i've been in the studio laying down tracks and have requested the help of my cousin Matt aka Mathias to illustrate me which won't happen until Sept 17th since he's working the Toronto International Film Festival. so in the mean time i made an attempt at penning myself. i should have some audio for you all to listen to next week. more posts catching up. good night!