Saturday, May 5, 2012

how to annihilate NYC roaches

conversations with a new yorker include anything from fashion to politics to roaches. yes ROACHES! one good reason not to live in this city. for a lady such as myself, who can't stand bugs, this meant war when i first moved here nearly 2 years ago. i remember several dramatic encounters with these scary beings. my very first one...i was visiting NYC for like the second time, walking around at night with my fellow Torontonian friend in the lower east side. the season was fall and the street light was reflecting off the autumn leaves that scattered the sidewalk. being the child i am i started kicking up the leaves. it took me a few seconds to register that these weren't beautifully coloured autumn leaves but in fact giant nyc roaches partying on the side. WTF?!!! that story is pretty dramatic and i have yet to encounter anything as disgusting as this but yeah...GROSS! when i first moved into my apartment these guys were just chilling on counter tops. EFF THAT!!! this meant war. ya'll can crawl up and down the streets but party in my crib?! i tried the roach bombs, sprays, traps...temporary results!
while visiting my 'rents-in-law's home i noticed not one single roach...and they had food out! "what are you doing and tell me now!" my dominican's hooked me up with the only formula that works
pharmacy grade boric acid
white sugar 

my mother-in-law used half of the boric acid bottle (2oz)
6 eggs
keep adding white sugar and mash it up with a folk until it turns into the consistency of play dough
roll them up in balls and shove them in corners of cabinets and closets
keep them away from your pets. when i just got Jackie i didn't puppy proof yet and she accidentally ate one and threw up...eeks!

if you happen to live around dominican's, you might be able to buy it premade but i like knowing the secrets. i guess the idea is the roaches smell the eggs and like the tasty sugar and die from the acid. i remember the first time i put this out i cried! it was like a roach fest, they all came out of hiding and i'm thinking we didn't use enough boric acid and they're just multiplying! a couple days later GONE! those suckers have died somewhere and i am the victor of this battle!!!


Andrea Lewis said...

oh goodness! I'm going to tell Jabari about this, we don't have any yet luckily but I'm so paranoid about seeing one!

Guyanesesista said...

Great. Now what do we do about the mice/rats?