Wednesday, August 27, 2008


my shoot this sunday was beyond wicked! i found THE most amazing makeup artist ever and one hot stylist. we pumped out the best shoot ever and i am so looking forward to shooting again. i'll post the pics here as soon as i finish submitting them to the mags. but for now here's Ghassan at work. i should have more time this week to blog more, but it's bed time now.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

keeping busy

my life keeps getting busier and busier, but i want to share my happenings with you so here goes.
so far it looks like it's a go ahead for my prints to retail for the first time ever in Bellingham, WA at The Handmade Life. the owners Justin and Lauren are still putting the finishing touches on the grand opening which is tentatively set for September 20th. it's so quaint i LOVE it! this is all so new for me. as of right now, i'm in the process of figuring out how much i should sell the prints for, how they should be packaged, should i frame them, what sizes should i do. i have some time left to figure it out so wish me luck.
i'm also ironing out the details of my shoot scheduled for this sunday. i'm shooting an amazing art/fashion story that will be pitched to a few art magazines as well as fashion magazines south of the border. the final results will be AMAZING! so far everything is panning out nicely. just praying for good weather here in rainy Vancouver.
the other project i've been juggling has been in the recording studio, which is a huge DL project i'm working on and no i am not planning on singing or rapping so you can stop holding your breath. it's something i've been wanting to do for a while so when it's finalized i'll go into more detail with that.
these last few weeks have been great. i can't complain, just apologize for not staying ontop of my blog. so SORRY to the readers. i'll be adding amazing updates in the next coming weeks. an oldie but a goodie:


Saturday, August 16, 2008

my photos

i got so caught up this week with life so my apologies for the delay on posts. here are some prints i developed at the lab. it looks like i'll be selling my prints in small town Bellingham, WA. i'll keep you up on the details when i have further info. but for everyone else you can purchase them here. enjoy!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


i'm sure you heard already that Italian Vogue published the first all black cover to cover issue of all black models for july. and contrary to american marketing gurus the issue broke records! SOLD OUT everywhere! this issue is like crack! i assumed i would never have the chance to browse through the pages let alone own one, but fortunately for me i was at the corner store yesterday and they got 20 copies that same morning and had 5 remaining when i left.
Barack Obama runs for president, D squared has a tribute to black fashion for they're spring 2009 collection, dang! am i proud to be black!

cost: $33+tax

Thursday, August 7, 2008

lyte arts

the lovely Ngqabutho creator and partner of Lyte Arts has interviewed me for they're current online issue. the look and feel of this new online magazine is just marvelous! lovely clean design with easy access with an artistic feel. much success to this inspiring magazine. make sure to check them out here

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

salvation creation

i went shopping at salvation army yesterday looking for a vintage kodak box camera with no luck but found these cute skirts. i just love the floral one but bought it with the idea of converting it into a pillow. i tested it out on the couch and it looked hideous. then i threw it on and it looked fabulous! just add accessories...cute earrings and bracelets, cute shoes or boots, belts are a must and boom! (just a little Maya's rule of thumb; i never wear big earrings and necklaces together. it's either neckless and bracelets or earrings and bracelets. you don't wanna go over kill)
cost: $5.29+tax
this is what it looks like:

and this is what i make it look like:

i'd wear a simple tan or grey tank top to contrast the green skirt but i don't have one yet until i hit up the malls and hunt for end of summer deals, but here's a preview:

i gots me 2 new outfits for an amazing deal!

too cute!

although the dollar stores out here in Vancouver can't hold a light to Toronto's Dollarama, they all sell asian stationary and i love it! incorrect grammar and all :) i needed a folder for documents and such when i head out and found these heart warmers.

costs: $0.49

costs: $2.49

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


my cousin jeigh is taking part in a local singing contest and needs everyone to vote for him. you can listen to him here. and to vote email:
and make sure to state that you're voting for JEIGH MADJUS. The premise is contestants record the same song "King of the World" and the one who gets the most votes wins and gets to record the song for the established producer.
Jeigh is an absolutely amazing singer! this audio doesn't hold a candle to his vocals in person let alone a professional recording.
so please vote.

thanks in advance!

ikea accents

my apologies for the delay on posts. i just started a new job and got sick in the process. but i'll be updating everyday this week to catch up for missed blogs. so lately, i've noticed my apartment was beginning to look too authentic vintage which is different from modern chic vintage. i decided to head over to ikea and add some modern accents and found this wonderful large print fabric. i'll be turning this into a throw and still need to sew the seams and pick another fabric to go on the back. i was thinking turquoise or something. i'll repost with the final product, but for now:
cost: $5/meter

and here are some tin containers with graphic prints as well
cost: $9+tax