Friday, October 24, 2008


for all my photo geeks out there, go and buy the book Skin by Lee Varis. there's a major difference between Model Mayhem touched up skin and cover of Vogue touched up skin and this book does a pretty good job in recreating the later effect. thank you Lee Varis!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


it is official. my creative partner in crime Gus and myself are addicted to shooting! this weekend we did a another shoot but this time fashion and styled by yours truly. i pulled most of the clothes from vintage shops along Main St. and had the pleasure of borrowing shoes from fluevog which were perfect for the 40's theme we had going. if i'm not shooting, i'm coming up with ideas for a shoot, editing photos or learning more photo shop, which i cringe at mere thought of. actually i'm just taking a break from learning about channels, oh such fun : S
i'm a film geek and now with this studio lighting and great makeup, i gotta brush up on my PS skills. next on the list of to do's is update my site. with all this shooting i've been doing i can have a new site with a new batch of eye candy. hopefully my talented brother can hook me up otherwise yet another program i must learn, FLASH. being

creative can be a tough job. any whosers...
this weekend is headshots for the actors but the following weekend is more fashion. oh we are so taking over Vancouver.
don't you want to just eat these colours?! k...back to studying : (

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

shoot out

oh my jeeOsh! my long weekend was spent shooting non-stop, 3 days, back to back. i am exhausted! however the shoots all came out lovely, thanks to some talented people and one in particular my lovely Ghassan aka makeup man! i found this random model on and me and Gus transformed her into a BEAST as Gus would say. thank you Gus for being amazing and thanks to model Roza for being my Iman. i probably won't be posting photos until they get picked up but here are the outtakes. more to come

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

so profesh!

the many facets and sides to Maya Washington. there's the goofy funny side, and the uber, professional photographer, among others. but any who, i picked up what should have been all my cards this tuesday only to find out the printers failed to print my cards with 'true' black. they came out kinda greyish so i've gotta go back and pick up the real deal friday. you can't tell in these photos but here they are. got them done at super nice guys and very proGREEN. i only did 250 in case i change my mind. you know how it goes.
cost: $67+tax (250 cards)

in living colour!

i know, i'm super sorry this time :)
maya's world is too crazy! i've been running around town trying to finalize this CD to get it off to the animation houses, which i finally did today. my agents were laughing at how ridiculous i am. i go all out baby! i was at the printers for 2 hours trying to get my girl's chocolate complexion right. next on the list is organizing shoots for both saturday and sunday. everything will go smoothly i'm sure. more post following.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

on top

about a month ago i had hit rock bottom and had to do something about it. i decided to do the Grouse Grind which is a hike up a mountain here in Vancouver, BC. The mountain is 1503 meters high and hard on the mind and body. making my way up the mountain opened my eyes immensely. on that hike i noticed some people were 5 years old and others were 70 years old. some people took more breaks than other. some people were slow and others were fast, but at the end of the day as long as i took the next step, i eventually made it to the top. and dang did it feel good when i got there!
whatever it is you want in this life make sure you take the first step. and then the next one after that. as long as you keep taking the next step you will get to the top.