Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i'm sick!

i've been cooped up in bed for the last 3 days getting over this stupid flu and of course i've been watching cartoons, movies, and going to blog sites. i stumbled across this hilarious video that made me smile. i don't post video blogs but i just had to do it :)
do yo thang Cubby!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

an interview!

check it: modelresource did an interview on me and photography! instead of reading the article my hubby put it on audio playback which was kinda erie but it also made me sound really insightful and stuff :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

the purging

i'm moving back out to Toronto for the holidays before i make my even bigger move to NY. oh what a bitter-sweet feeling I have, however more sweet than bitter. my stay here in Vancouver, BC for the past 3 years has been quite the learning curve. i made a cute little artist haven here that i'll miss dearly but y'all know building my NY empire of an eclectic home will give me plenty to blog about. my search for the perfect NY pad has begun! i'm aiming to be there end of february 2010. i'm bending the universe right now to ensure that happens ;)
so my purging consists of my lovely moss green couch that i reupholstered myself, all my furniture even my cool 1940's Singer sewing machine with the built in table, my very own customized chairs, my frickin' mattress that i paid good money for that screwed up my back, my only ikea item: the skinny work table....GONE! everything GONE! thanks to my bestie craigslist my non-essentials are going to good homes.
all i can say is it's about dang time! everyone always asks why i moved out west. there are many reasons, but my most prominent one was to grow up. i was living at home with my mama and bra, eating good food, taking the roof i had over my head for granted, friends and a social life galore, caught up in the fashion scene, indecisive about my love life with the then boy friend (i love you boo boo), and going a million miles per second. sometime you just gotta step back and take it all in from a far. 3 years later imma coming home to tear this roof off! back home to the cities that make me vibrate with creativity! so many projects in the works...tee hee hee. oh i'm gonna destroy it!

any who, here's my little online garage sale. i'll more than likely be posting cool finds of the bottom of my dresser.
no more shopping for me...for now :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

and then some

a few more. this should be the last of my insanity
shout outs to Andy!

the wait is over

finally! after slaving like a beast here are the long awaited pics as per my fan requests. remember last year? this time around i embraced the elements that make Minnie all that, a bag a chips and the dip. cheers!
this one is my fav! nothing screams cartoon like a floating head. p.s. please don't sue me disney

and in black and white

here i learned the wonderful uses of 'preset brushes' in photoshop. p.s. don't mess around with Minnie :)

gotta throw in the retro shots

and of course Minnie is all about being feminine and girlie hence the pink

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

look at me! or at least my work :)

i've been invited to take part in yet another fashion event/ photo exhibition. this time Fashion Cures a la Mode taking place in Ottawa from Nov 4th-7th. having my work out on display for others to appreciate is such a rewarding feeling. exhibits really challenge me to bring my A game up, not that i'm not already trying :P
this time around i swayed away from my coloured images and went black and white on ya AND i did a bit of photoshop rendering... très risque!
the other challenge here was transporting 5 prints ready to hang at the most affordable budget known to man. my prints were 11x14 so i headed over to DeSerres and bought me some archival foam, archival tact to adhere my prints to the foam and finally hanging clips that punch through the back of the foam board. darnet! i should have taken photos of the whole process but i was a little stressed out with dead lines and such that is the life of Maya :)
any ways the process was faster than i thought and in the end cost me $25 to get my prints to hang and another $37 to ship. not bad, not bad. any who i did manage to take this last minute shot of the final results on my hallway wall. i'll reveal the collection name, close ups, my process and all that jazz later. enjoy!