Sunday, September 26, 2010

phase I: remove band-aid

so what had happen was i barfed when i saw the state of my hubby's home. let's just say he was livin' beyond bachelor. i didn't have time to get nitty-gritty with my tools when i just moved in so i did the next best thing...SHOP. i covered some of the flaws with expensive shower curtains, matching towel sets, and started organizing. however, band-aids can only last so long. and they look damn gross when you peel them back. i spent the weekend and today stripping paint. 4 layers of it! hopefully this week i can get a nice neutral paint job in. then replace sink with a cabinet, replace hideous light fixture and mirror, retile the dirt mcgurt floors, and of course re-stage this beaut. *WARNING: THESE IMAGES ARE GRAPHIC. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED*

what this tight-fitted hot mess can look like:

Maya's World Under Construction

I'm finally putting in some elbow grease into my pad. I figure while I'm here I might as well Mayafy it. I've been working like a beast rackin' in the cash and the last thing I want to do is move into a NY loft and throw it all away on stupid rent. My renos will be minimal so we can pick up and move anytime without feeling robbed.
Right now I'm working on the bathroom. The paint was moldy and peeling off the ceiling...gross! I know! Blame the hubby. I'm finally removing it all and starting off fresh. I don't generally like spa like bathrooms. I love fun and funky in all ways possible however I've been traumatized by this grossness and want the whole bamboo, white, and fresh look. Say hello to my two besties:
tool box and sander! loves me my Home Depot:

it's kinda funny that i bought both of these and not the hubby.
yes another grody part of this place are the floors, which I plan on painting black :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

wack fashion meets fall fashion

this was my first NY fashion week in the trenches and i must say from where i was standing it was WIGIDDY WACK! working as a cocktail waitress i can now appreciate service. everyone wants free drinks, everyone is someone, no one tips, i wanted to throw drinks in faces. but of course i'm a sweet heart and smile and nod :) i'd love to bore you with details however lets move forward-->i'm so glad it's over! i can get paid again! speaking of getting paid i have funds to invest in some much needed fall fashion pieces. i've been getting away with shorts and t-shirts all summer but i really want to up my game being in NY and all. before i make my money disappear my cousin advised me on putting together a look board. genius! i do look boards for all my photo shoots it only makes sense i take the same approach for my own personal style. i don't have much time but here's what i have so far:

i'm really digging:
ankle booties (still looking for a dope platform heel)
leggings/thigh high sock (looks hawt and can be paired with summer shorts and skirts)
blazer jacket (looking for a relaxed fit)
big bags (that can accommodate my stuff)
neutral earth tones with splashes of bold colour

i'm missing my more 'masculine' pieces which i'll add on. i dig men's wear. especially bags as they're simple, stylish and practical like me.

Jeffery Campbell (amazing shoes) (amazing online shopping) (amazing inspiring looks)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

artist crawl

i had the pleasure of stumbling upon the works of kudu-lah also known as Kenneth Kudulis. i love all things cute and scary and his art is just that. so of course i copped 3 and would have bought more had i more cash on me. i love it when artist have price points the masses can afford :)
cost: 3 for $25

his work is printed on masking tape which is layer on wood. i quite enjoy the subtle 3d effect as well.
check out his work at:

Friday, September 10, 2010

frugal food: pizza sliders

time is a luxury i desperately need more of. i'm making the most of what i got which leads me to my fav, fast and frugal pizza sliders. my hubby told me i should send it to foodgawker and share it with you. so here goes. it's super fast and easy and great for left overs:

get the whole wheat english muffins if available. my local grocery store was all out and i was craving.
spaghetti sauce
any toppings

preheat the oven to 300°-350°
get those veggies chopped finely

throw it all together

pop it in the oven for 10-13mins

voilĂ ! pizza sliders

Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day weekend!

my first US labor day weekend! me, the hubs and demon spawn headed to long beach to take in the sun.

feeding the monster

release the kraken

of course after commuting 1 hr and oh so close to the beach we discover no dogs allowed. haters! we snapped these before being kicked off the boardwalk

and no we do not have matching glasses. that would be gross

defending myself while being mulled by miss jackie o

posing for the camera

excited to be off leash much?

my much needed mango martini

this is supposedly an eggroll?! i ain't mad though :)

lights out

even though i didn't make it to the beach this was a much needed day off finally. now i head to work!