Thursday, August 25, 2011

doc approved!

remember that proposal for the doc i've been working on? well it was finally completed back at the end of june and was offically approved today!!! but so much more has to be done. now i need to film b-roll footage, cut together a fundraising trailer, and finally hit up potential donors! this is my iphone's wallpaper for daily focus and inspiration which is much needed in my ny hustle and bustle of a life


since being back from tdot i've concentrated my super human forces to apartment hunting in NY. competing with thousands of students is no joke! units are available 1 min gone the next. our journey started in brooklyn but being on a frugal budget we found nothing hot, then moved to chinatown which was a quick no. David's large stature prevented him from showering in their mini asian showers. now we've gone back to Harlem which of course i love. we found an amazing spot on the east side but keep getting jumped by these students! any who i'm hoping to find something for sept 1st and if we have to let those students get their groove on then oct 1st once the dust has settled. environment is key to healthy living. i've been uping my frugal budget to accommodate my artistic love for photography. living in Vancity was way too dope! it was my live/work space for under $700!!! ah those days are long gone :(
once the crib is secured i can share my shopping journey's with ya'll AND my photography AND my voice AND the rest of my life :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

how to rock that look

i'm all about drawing inspiration from the pros and that's exactly what i did to get my caribana look. if i do manage to play mas next year i really want to get the loudest costume they have :P
yes i did braid my hair all by my dang self! i learned my lesson after halloween when i dished out $60 for braids i did not like one bit. this time around it cost me $0.99/pack for the hair and i bought 4 packs and only used 3. the down took me 5hrs!!! and it didn't help that i started braiding my hair at 12am like a crazed beautician maniac. click on the photo for a closer look
for my caribana makeup i rocked Mac's primary yellow pigment with my $3.99 48 palette green Profusion, quo's false lashes $7.50 and some glamourous jewELLEs i copped from arton beads on queen street for $3 for a pack of 36 although they have bigger ones available at Dollarama for a dollar. all in all i spent $18.49 for my hair and makeup and $185 for my mas costume!!! good thing this only happens once a year.

Part 3: Caribana!!!

what a blast! this was my first year celebrating caribana in mas and it's a MUST! everyone should take part in mas at least once in their life time. i can officially check that off my bucket list :) i owe a HUGE thanks to Shannon Boodram from TGAW for the invite. enjoy these festive photos. hopefully i can celebrate again next year. any excuse to dress up for i'm down.

wild girl herself...shannon

reppin the Saldenah mas camp Keeper's of the Universe

look how cute my mom is

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Part 2: Toronto

there's no place like home. family and friend remind me how blessed i am and recharging on their positive energy is always a plus.
Night & Day with the ladies @ Skybar
Fringe Festival with Lemon Bucket Orkestra...good times!


and of course what better way to end a vaycay with some good ol' bbqin

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Part 1: Montreal

vacations are a MUST! my slightly over 2 week vaycay in Toronto was exactly what i needed. time with good company :) during my stay in tdot i headed up to Montreal for my cousin Jeigh Madjus' first film role as a LEAD in a FEATURE FILM entitled Servitude. it was hilarious! currently the Canadian release date is this fall so all you Canadians watch out! i'm obsessed with more bulky slrs :)

a road trip isn't a road trip w/o timmys

we stayed in Holiday Inn and yes the interior is full blown china town

and it just happened to be the Just for Laughs Festival...BONUS!

isn't she so cute! resemblance much? :)

Servitude premiered at Cinema du Parc in the Just 4 Laughs Festival

there's my cuz and the rest of the cast :)

back on the road to T-oH!