Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the bane of my existence!

editing videos!!!
what a learning curve! i was forced to learn the new Final Cut Pro 10 (fcpx) thanks to iMovie constantly crashing on my little macbook. but what a blessing! i was doing things the long tedious way!!! so now i'm working on the beast of my macbook pro (which i jacked from my husband), trying to take over the world! the entire process of my interview videos take anywhere from 8-15hrs of work. filming takes roughly 2hrs, editing is ridiculous! 6-10hrs since i'm learning as i go along. constant youtube surfing learning how to do the simplest of task. next week better be faster!!! i guess i get to strip my eyes away from this laptop once it's exporting...
i think moving forward i'll do like "study" "interview" videos every other week and fun dinky videos in between.  i totally have to get into the nitty gritty of shameless self-promotion...soon...next week!
i plan on revamping mayawashington.com to showcase everything in a one-stop, links to my photography, this blog, twitter, instagram, facebook, videos, all things maya :)
it's happening, 48 more weeks to go!
the major plus about this all?! i start editing the trailer for my '80s doc and it doesn't seem so daunting now :)
practice, practice, practice!


Borough Baby said...

The learning curve could be tall and steep but it's all flat open plains up top!

Candace said...

Editing is no joke!!! My hubby taught me on Vegas & we recently got the latest edition - a friend is a beta tester - and now I'm intimidated to learn again :/ this is inspiration to get it together and keep making videos - no excuses! #shameless ;)