Monday, December 27, 2010

holiday update

sorry for the delayed post. i've been busy celebrating the holidays in NY then getting myself down to meh-he-co!!! for Christmas i partied it up with my in-laws and feasted on the awesomeness that is Dominican cooking! i baked mini carrot cupcakes and it was my first go. of course i went to foodgawker and of course they were delicious! the ingredients called for way too much sugar so i went ahead and cut at least 2 cups out.

and yes that is some AMAZING cheese cream icing!!!!

i made 1 present this year. this person happens to have everything under the moon so i came up with the idea to turn an i ♥ ny t-shirt into a pillow. the shirt cost me $3 and the pillow was $7. oh and the zipper was $4.

this year i hooked myself up with the canon 7d!!!! i bought the beaut on amazon brand spankin' new although advertised as "used". since i saved myself $400 dollars i reinvested the funds into accessories like a mic, compact flash card and lens. i've been a nikon girl for life but this canon is just way too fun. video mode?! my life has been missing so much! i already have a few film projects underway. i think i'm in love :) and had i not forgotten my usb i would upload some sample photos. but here she is...

i'm currently writing from the resorts' eating area having breakfast. we're 2 hours behind so it's 8:30am. i'm not a fan of all-inclusives but a getaway to a beach in the midst of a snowstorm? no complaints! i'm about to head to the market to buy a poncho and soak in the sun.

in a few days time my cousin will be getting married!!! i gotta get in work mode and continue to scout locations. i'll share what i find. ttyl!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

holiday home

David and i are kickin' it into over-drive. the goal is to have an invitable home come the holidays. lucky for me i have a sister-in-law who helped me battle resistance and get this wall done. thanks Rafaela!

there are 3 shades of grey up on that wall along with a dirty stain from the flood we had. i went all back everything especially since the stove loves to rickashays things onto walls

it's all about paint! look at how lovely our base cabinets are? they were rancid before!

i'm not sure how i feel about these handles. with the counter top having that annoying metal and black stripping i feel i should simplify them even something skinnier. i didn't know it at the time but i'm wanting to go industrial here.

i still need to finish painting the rest of the walls a solid fresh white, get some shelving up on, and then get some large graphic artwork

but look how far we've come:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

blast from the past

while in illinois me, the hubs, and grans kicked back and watched the classics, Blues Brothers and Breakfast Club. oh i love classics! and it was great watching two movies that took place in illinois in illnois :)

Bender stole the show

all you young thespians looking for monologues...peruse through the script. the writing in this movie is great.

i forgot how amazing the blues brothers is. the movies is filled with ridonkulous camera composition, over the top shots, insane extra casting, star studded cast... i druel, i druel

look at this shot! it speaks volumes! it's just stunning!

and this shot along with every other shot in this scene and in the movie is just so grand!

so many extra it!


Ray Charles with a gun! hilarious

and yes that's Pee Wee Herman :) love him too

way too many funny scenes!

oh and the police car pile up! oh it's that good!

these two movies are a MUST WATCH AGAIN! amazing amazing amazing!!! and they stood the test of time

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

she's back back!

I just arrived back from Chicago yesterday. My 5 day vay-cay was MUCH needed. I got to spend time with my 95 year old great granny. this woman has lived to see it! from picking cotton in Mississippi to seeing Obama be president. I am truly blessed to be the great grand-daughter of someone so great.
we started at JFK and flew jetblue...greatest airline ever!

granny playin shy for the cameras

my granny swears by her old style beer. she's a riot when she backs a 6 pack

i love old people!

enough drinking! back on the road exploring the city

downtown was lovely

where did everyone go? as soon as you head south things start to look shady.

so many abandoned buildings and empty lots. but why? google here we go.

found what i was looking for...thrift store!

omg! if i had my own place and had i driven to chicago with a van this would so be mine! mint condition throw back gas stove

every black woman's haven

my dry hair needs some help! i was gonna buy this "natural remedy"...

...until i read the ingredients

missing my little jackie girl back home. saw this cute little hat and had to buy it. and yes! Jackie is part cat :)

we ventured out to wicker park and downtown but with freezing temperatures that camera stayed in my bag. my time in chicago was all about spending time with granny. lucky for me i had my laptop and recorded some of her wonderful stories.

warp speeding our way to the airport

on time!

i'll be back sooner than later!

the only items bought in chi-town was a cat hat and cat bed for miss jackie. i'm so lame! i guess not spending is good :)

now that i'm back in new york you best believe i'm back on track to start another new chapter in my life. CAREER! yay!