Friday, May 25, 2012

the real progress report

wowzers! i'm gonna fall back some. uploading that last video made me realize i need to prioritize my life. making videos every week is killing my personal and work life.  i'm gonna stick to a video every other week as i stated in my very first video, which will allow me to blog more, create stuff, and hopefully i can catch up. since i'll be making a video every other week i hope i can invest more time in filming and editing and delivery fun, quality videos :) so for those that want regular updates in between...ya'll gotta visit me hur! editing and uploading videos when i really should be spending time with family or editing my yeah...i'm still #shameless :)

maybe i'll even get some sleep

i have equated being on the road to being on my laptop...geesh!

lots of fun stuff coming!!! i'm trying really hard to get that video up today but it may be late :(
working on immigration stuff...


Constance said...

You are an inspiration. I my weekly vice is checking out Those Girls Are Wild Youtube Chanel and website. I came across of video you made with Andrea and I want to say Thank You. You have motivated me to come out of my closet and stop running from success because I am scared of failing. Although I am taking baby steps... at least I am in the right direction. Thank you. =)

Anonymous said...

I love the usb port in your car!! Good times! :)