Friday, February 27, 2009


my friend Travis and i have decided to be rabbits for lent. we are currently on day 3 of our raw food diet...i know, SO random. but i didn't know what else to give up that was challenging enough so yummy cooked food it is. day 1 is brutal! they never tell you these things online but your gut goes through some craziness! if you're interested in learning more here's one helpful site by a dude who did it for 30 days: Steve Pavlina . this is my breakfast all you hating rabbits out there

Thursday, February 26, 2009

some busy business

what else is new?
i've been hard at work shooting and editing 'round the clock in prep for my new website that should be live in a matter of days AND i've been hard at work coming up with a strong story that i'll be shooting this weekend for Toronto Fashion Weeks' showcase Women X Women. being stuck in Vancouver and all has forced me to go into styling which has been VERY interesting. although this city lacks runway fashion i've been fortunate enough to work with local designers as well as huge retailers like Holt Renfrew. i can't wait to shoot and share these and many more images with the world!
here's a little sHneak peak of what my brother has been up to :P

Thursday, February 12, 2009


for those of you who haven't already watched the FUNNIEST show ever please get your hands on Summer Heights High. based in Australia the show chronicles the lives of 2 students and 1 teacher at Summer Heights High all played by uber talented actor and creator Chris Lilley. i've already watched the first season 3 times as sadly it ends there. so stop being a bogin and watch it! you can visit the website here

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


my main man Ghassan and I a scheduled a last minute shoot (less than 24hrs) with my beastie muse Roza and ended with fabulous results. good thing that other chic flaked out. isn't she so beyond Beyonc? there are a ton of other looks but here's a sneak peak:

styling and hair courtesy of me
grossly hawt makeup by Ghassan

Cassette Wallets

as some of you may know i gave a bunch of cassette wallets as christmas presents for my cousins. i managed to make a few more with another slew on the way and am selling them here:
a store in Barcelona is interested in buying them :) if i do decide to sell them there it would be for the mere fact to say "i sell my work in Barcelona". so i'll ponder it and see if i can squeeze in extra time to make these suckers.

i did say i would post a step by step tutorial on how to make these wallets but it was just to hard to explain. i did however find this site that has a similar set of instructions here


i'm not even gonna go there (refer back to previous blog) my life is complete chaos! i know lame excuse but true. the worst part of it is i talk about blogging all the time and how awful i feel for not having done so and this and that. it's this long vicious cycle when all i need to do is blog already!
i've been editing photos day and night for my site which is so lovely! i can't wait to get it up already. i'm aiming for Feb 16th. fingers crossed. i've also been collaborating with my lovely Ghassan for our upcoming shoot that is going to be the most ferocious shoot ever! here's us playing with ideas:

here's a lovely painting my girl Fly Lady did for me. isn't it erie? so Tim Burton. i LOVE it! thanks girl!

i just can't help myself...I'M SOOOOOO SORRRYYYY!!!!!! Special thanks to all the naggers out there