Wednesday, May 9, 2012

back to beauty

i'm super excited to be working tomorrow on my first beauty test here in NYC!!! i'll be working with the talented makeup artist Cassi Renee and a gorgeous new face with MuseNYC i go through these phases where i have a love hate relationship with fashion/beauty photography. i was so into fashion photography until i grew up and started to get to know some of these models and how cut throat this industry can be and how it scarred a model's self perception. i also didn't like how fashion photography was perceived as a pedestal and everything else was a "job" to support a photographer's passion for fashion. don't get me wrong i love fashion and beauty but LIFE is beautiful! life is so vast and i appreciate the beauty it has to offer which is why my photography is so broad these days. i guess i just needed to re-explore the beauty life had to offer and capture it in photographs before getting back into fashion/beauty. i'm confident i've found a balance which is now reflected in my work. we can all find beauty or the grotesque in anything...i'm looking forward to seeing the beauty in "beauty" photography. here's my inspiration for tomorrow:
tomorrow's shoot is a combination of beauty and art. my goal is to blow the prints up super large, frame them and hang them on my living room wall. i'm all about supporting artist by buying art, but as of late i'm itching to create my own. wish me luck!

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Cassi Renee - Makeup Artist said...

Ooooh the suspense...I'm drafting up a few face charts as I type! xxoo