Saturday, April 25, 2009


my dearest and closet friend for the last 2 years passed away yesterday. this little 7 pounder made my stay here in Vancouver worth while. I had no idea it was possible to care so deeply for a pet but he was more than that of course. my boy Jude and I were 2 crazy peas in a pod. we played tag, hide and seek, fetch, you name it. everyone on my block knew who he was. he was and still is the GREATEST! gave the best back massages ever. now i really am all alone. i always looked forward to coming home to him. he's the only one who noticed i was ever away. we were suppose to grow old together :(
oh Jude! i miss you!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the magic touch

as per your request here are my before shots of my flat. it doesn't help that i took the before shots with a flash on my dinky point and shoot, adding to the already atrocious look and hightening the exquisiteNess of the after shot.
when i walked into my $680 a month, 10 foot high ceilings, barf blue walls and burnt puke red floor apartment, i knew it was mine

you can't tell here but my kitchen was an ugly mint green....BARF!!!

for the love of MEAT!

i'm finally back to my finger lickin' oh so good chicken diet!!! i'm am truly not cut out for this veggie thing let alone vegan diet. throughout this 40 day fasting i had a constant headache and the minute my lovely 5 lb meat meal hit the gut my headache was gone. oh i know for a fact next year i'll do something less extreme like 40 days of sit ups or something random. i wanted to cry while cooking this meal. and of course i had time to get a snap shot for ya'll. on the bright side, at least i learned how to eat healthier and be even more aware of what i put into my body. bon appetite!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a look inside

bringing it back to the dwellings; here's my multi-million dollar studio after 2 years of hoarding. i found installing this make shift erasable board with Home Depot plexiglass for $10 and a few screws an easy alternative for my love of scribbling all over my walls. measures 2x4 feet

i had to move the frames over to this wall since i installed my million dollar back drop on the other wall

my throwback singer doubles as a end table and clearly i love clustered artwork.

when plotting my color scheme i wanted the living room to be pitch white while looking into bright colourful rooms hence my bedroom's "irie irie" turquoise

and "get yo ass up" orange

Friday, April 3, 2009

dream home?

i'm home! again? in Vancouver that is.
i have 3 cities i call home: Toronto, Vancouver, and New York. clearly Toronto is my first home as i was born and raised there before shuffling to Vancouver which has been my current residence for the past 2.5 years. now New York has a special place in my heart as i've been traveling back and fourth there for the past 5 years for my hot hubby. but i'm hoping to call NY home in the coming months.
for those of you who know me know i live off my self motivational books like every other day. so i've devised a social experiment on myself to put this "law of attraction" to the test. it says if you know what your goal is you're already 90% more successful than the next person. you need to know where you're going in order to direct your thoughts and actions towards a destination. which got me to thinking...what will be my next goal? well simple: being based in NY but traveling to Toronto and LA as the modern day reincarnated Andy Warhol. people constantly ask me "what do you want to be known as?" as i've been living double or rather quadruple lives as a photographer, actor, designer, entrepreneur, BLAH BLAH... and i really don't think i need to put a label on myself as i don't feel comfortable being called a "photographer" or an "actor" or or or. if i were to pick a label i'd like that label to be "artist". any who, the next step of this experiment is to write down your goal on a piece of paper and look at it everyday and "feel the feelings of already acquiring it". EVERYDAY for 30 days, then another and another until it becomes habit. so here goes. i have written my goal of obtaining my US Visa come fall 09 as step 1 and i suggest anyone who reads this to do the same. i'll let you know my progress throughout the passing months :)
"what you visualize you materialize"