Monday, April 16, 2012

diy jean shorts! finally!

what a week! first i get the flu, then loose my voice, then get pink eye in one eye, and wake today with pink eye in both! at least i can see and despite my cigar voice i can talk. and good thing blogs require only patience and a keyboard... this weekend i revamped 2 pairs of shorts. this first one is really simple. i didn't take photos since i did it on a saturday night while ya'll were out partying i was with my scissors on the couch watching psych...but yeah all you need are scissors and snip, snip, away:
they still have to go through a wash to give that authentic distressed and not man-made look but so far so good! this back cutout is best done on high waisted jeans. i thought about cutting out a portion of the back pockets along the horizontal arch but...too risque? not so if you have cut undies or swim gear on...perhaps tacky?
anyway pair #2 these ones require a sewing machine. there are tons of laces and crochets out there i was torn...i ended up going with these to rock with a black and white plaid top i have

cute, cute!

i have one more pair that are in production...i had to bleach them whitish which took the entire day i missing something? i didn't know bleaching a pair of light jeans could be such a pain! anyways, here's a sneak peek...and yes that is pink metallic leather :)

major thanks to my boo bear for taking photos of my derriere :)


Anonymous said...

Dope cut out jeans!

shan said...

I would pay you to make me those cutout jeans. You're onto something with that, genius