Wednesday, April 4, 2012

diy denim pt.1of2

in a world where everything is a 1or 0 and i'm glued to a computer screen, i realized i had to go back to my roots and create with my hands using my lovely swing machine. and what better time than now with this lovely spring weather :) i bought a pair of acid wash jeans thinking i could convert them into cute shorts but they're too big! i'm still gonna see if i can make it happen but if not i'm turning those bad boys into pillow cases! but back to the cute short...
studded shorts are all the rage these days

i'm digging the fabric and that jumbo stitch!
to see what's available i headed to the fabric district. first stop, the amazing M&J Trimmings:
endless possibilities!

here's what i'm working with...geek chic with a tres loose crotch

i'll be able to transform these suckas this weekend with a full diy post on either pillow cases or revamped shorts or both :)


Niki McNeill said...

Haha Maya that face!!

poopidoowa said...

that face -_- !!!