Thursday, April 26, 2012

These Girls Are Inspiring!

i had the pleasure of speaking as a panelist for a networking event hosted by@ThoseGirlsRWild here in NYC with other amazingly talented women. well, let me just tell you...these women inspired me and reaffirmed why i'm doing this "shameless" campaign. for a cyber novice such as myself i learned a lot from these veterans. i'm not accustomed to promoting myself but i have to. we have to. even if we have agents or managers or not, we live in a day and age when we must do everything in our power to bring us closer to whatever our end goal is. my goal? i do know i want to create a fresh new alternative than what's out there presently. i love this tweet from @thecoolhunter "Instead of being better than everybody else, it's often more valuable to create a new market and totally dominate it...". YES!!! the wheels in my mind keep churning...m-u-s-t-d-o-m-i-n-a-t-e. anyways...
i love what one of the panelist from Around the Way Curls said "do something that scares you". YES! overcome obstacles with repetition! why i love this "shameless" campaign? cause i'm scared $h!tless! but whatever. cool peeps, good vibes, and goodie bags!

love, love, LOVE free stuff and it doesn't hurt that it's for curly hair.

thanks for putting this together @TGAW

The Power House Panelist:
Franchesca Ramsey is an actress, comedian and video blogger based out of New York City. With over 80k subscribers on her two YouTube channels, she and her videos have been featured on MTV, The New York Times, and The BBC. Her recent viral hit “Sh*t White Girls Black Girls” was viewed over 5 million times in just 5 days, garnering coverage on MSNBC, ABC, Ebony Magazine, The Daily Mall and the Anderson Cooper talk show to name a few.

We are two best friends from Philadelphia who because of our own sisterhood and kinship, created a community for women to connect, encourage and inspire one another. Around the Way Curls is an online publication that infuses pop culture and issues of women's interest with an emphasis on the beauty, originality and spirit of naturally kinky, curly hair.

Brooke Slade graduated from Temple University. BA in Public Relations. As a model she has worked with clients from NFL to YSL, and has become a successful commercial, print & runway model. She moved to NYC in 2010 to further her professional achievements in public relations and modeling. She is currently an executive office manager at POKE New York (Digital Advertising Company), Public relations director for American Dreaming magazine and a professional, agency represented model.

Sakita Holley is the Founder and CEO of House of Success, a lifestyle brand relations firm where she provides counsel and creates strategic PR campaigns for organizations that represent one or more of the five key lifestyle zones: Live, Work, Play, Travel and Indulge. Her clients have been featured in CNN Money, Black Enterprise, NY Daily News, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, AOL Daily Finance, UPTOWN Magazine, Vibe and on some of the most influential blogs/digital publications on the web. In 2011, Sakita was chosen to be a lifestyle blogger for NIKE Women’s Make Yourself campaign. She tweets as @MissSuccess and is gearing up for the re-launch of, a PR girls’ guide to lifestyle branding.

Aeshia De Vore Branch is living her dream. The talented TV producer, writer, model, and mother of three daughters helps teenage girls develop into adulthood through her lifestyle website The void of entertaining yet positive media for young urban women, ages 13-22, led to the conception and rapid growth of the Founder/CEO’s passionate venture. As the instrumental force behind the brand’s creative vision and marketing concepts, Aeshia has used her astute business acumen and enthusiasm for her cause to spearhead collaborations with companies aiming to reach the Teen Diaries demographic.

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Andrea Lewy Lew said...

So glad you were there Maya! I think everyone not only gave advice but learned something at the same time!