Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Simply Happy

The road to happiness is a simple one.  Do what makes you happy. If you enjoy biking, bike. If you enjoy singing sing. We must find happiness from within and stop expecting and/or demanding it from others.  It’s not your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, mom, dad or besties fault for your unhappiness. Take responsibility.  Keep in mind however, that you are not responsible for another's happiness. As much as we want to please others, if they're unhappy it is not your responsibility to make them happy. I'm not saying you should be insensitive, but know that despite your efforts of trying to "save" someone, only they can.

Act on the things within your control. If no one wants to go to the movies with you then go by yourself. If your boyfriend didn’t buy you a Christmas present, that’s wack and you should probably tell him how much you’d appreciate a gift, then move on. You hate your job? Before you quit try changing your perspective and how you interact with others. Whenever those tendencies to criticize someone else creep in, redirect and focus on YOU and what you need to do to reach your goals. And since I’m on the topic, create goals! Doable goals, then work towards them and accomplish them.  Progress and accomplishment, for me at least, makes me happy. Not achieving my goals make me feel inferior, inadequate, and lame. Start setting small goals building your confidence so you can later on achieve bigger goals. Life and happiness isn’t complicated yet we, myself included, make it out to be.
SIMPLIFY your life! Try not to analysis, assume, judge, criticize...these are all signs that you’re not taking responsibility and are in fact blaming someone else for your unhappiness. And in the same token you're not responsible for someone else's unhappiness so stop blaming yourself if you are. We all go through highs and lows. But it's important to act responsibly and not dish out our emotions on others.
Do that which makes you happy! Simple :)

Speaking of misery, I dragged myself to the beach on Monday spreading my pink eyes with the world. I had to escape the confines of my apartment and have some happy time.
taking photos on instagram make me happy :)
relaxing doing nothing on a beach feels odd...i can never sit still so this was a good change...notice how i'm still taking pictures, doing something :)
hanging out with cool peeps makes me happy :)
i'm happy to say my pink eyes are gone too.

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Andrea said...

Love this post! Maya it speaks so much to my life right now!