Sunday, April 8, 2012

learn to forgive

what is easter anyway? as celebrated by christians, it's the day Jesus resurrected from the dead. and why is this important? it's lengthy but the short end of it, he sacrificed himself so the sins of mankind could be forgiven, thereby giving life after death.
i started reading the bible last august to find out for myself what the big hype was any way. how could a book over 2000 years old still be in circulation? what is it about the bible that is so controversial? i've only read the new testament, but i can see why it's still in circulation and controversial. if you're open minded and or hit rock bottom in life, i urge you to read at least the new testament of the bible. i don't consider myself catholic or christian, just a being curious about life and my curiosity has led me to be a believer of Jesus and what he stands how does a man who's betrayed, beaten, and finally murdered manage to maintain his peace? really? that's deep right there. i get all bent out of shape if peeps are walking slow in the train stations. sometimes the hardest thing to do is forgive, yet Jesus time and time again forgave. i don't agree with all that i've read in the bible but there are certainly good chunks especially in the new testament that challenge the reader. so if you don't believe in easter or religion or do believe, let's make today Happy Forgiveness Day. forgive someone that you truly can't stand. you may or may not acknowledge it verbally but at the very least acknowledge it to yourself. the burden of carrying a grudge requires too much work. forgive and find freedom.

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