Tuesday, April 24, 2012


i've been pretty sporadic with my online presence. i bounce back and fourth...sometimes i prefer that no one know me or what i do...then i realize i need to build a bridge and get over it...i'm hoping i'll be able to finally work on this MAJOR weakness, which is essentially celebrating SELF aka shameless self-promotion. what would happen if you shamelessly self-promoted yourself? i've been asking myself that question for a month or so...and finally decided to make a youtube video with guidelines on what i would need to do to shamelessly promote myself. for someone such as me this is more difficult than it looks...any who, join me!


Nicole said...

Hahaha I love this video!!

Thank you so much for sharing. I totally feel the same way. I've always been super reserved when it comes to showcasing myself online. Only recently have I started to come out of that shell a little bit...still a work in progress though. Good Luck and I'll joining you!

Monique said...

Hi Maya!

Clearly I do not know you, but I LOVE what you are doing. This is so personal and timely for me because, although I'm not an artist, I'm doing specific work with myself on being "seen" and putting myself out there. I've got social media accounts, but I've kept them low key out of insecurity about what I have to offer, but I'm slowy trying to break out of that.

I'm certainly going to follow your journey (following you on instagram and youtube now). Just wanted to let you know that you are today's inspiration for me!

Thanks for sharing!

momobee_ (twitter & instagram :-)

Candace said...

I can't even front anymore Maya... I've been thinking about what the info you've given the last week or so and bottom line? It's DA TRUF (in my Ray voice) lol

I just might join you on this... unless I manage to talk my self into a frenzy & chicken out lol... but I digress.

I am an artist & designer and recently a rookie photographer & God only knows what else... what's the point of being different & having talent if you aren't gonna use it?

I'm officially joining club shameless... I'm gonna post some new vids to Youtube and spread the word bout what I'm up to. If you have any more advice - or suggestions - let me know what you think... mmmkay?

Can I have my badge of approval now? lol seriously though, keep it up, you done started a fire now :)

maya said...

thank you ladies!!!! i want the world to be #shameless and live out loud. and if me being a guinea pig is the way to go then so be it :)