Tuesday, April 10, 2012


now i can die a happy woman!
while walking the streets of nyc with celebrity friend Andrea Lewis we popped into vintage store No Relation, located at 204 1st Ave in the Lower East Side. well, well, well, was it my lucky day or what. i founds me a silver sequin jacket that was custom made for ME!!! where the heck am i gonna wear this besides a fab drag show?
i could not believe my eyes when i saw this hanging on the racks for $15 bucks! what the heck?! $15! i thought it was a trap when i went for the jacket. "how is this still here?" was what i whispered while my beady eyes shifted from left to right like some creep. it was just meant to be i guess. i found this master piece after having first picked up this random knitted, purple sequin top.

i paid $35 for the 2! i have new found hope for nyc vintage shops. i'm big on deals and this was a score. i told David i wanted to be clothed in my silver jacket on my death bed and he freaked out on  me. i feel as though everyone would have a good laugh. but i digress. i need to figure out how i'm gonna rock this right...what bottoms should i wear? especially with this tacky purple one.

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andrea said...

I still can't get over how well it fits you! Dead seriously made for you!