Thursday, May 27, 2010

sex and the city 2

the universe is giving me this big hoorah for NY. last night i saw the canadian advanced screening for Sex & the City and was smiling from ear to ear, beginning to end. the night started out lovely with drinks and eats on the patio with my lady friends Cat and her girlfriend Heather. we arrived for the early events and they did it up! we took photos with a half necked man, won prize bags full of free goodies and opened the movie to the track Empire State of Mind and of course i had to scream along :)
i can now officially say i am effing AMPED to go to NEW YORK!
ladies go see this movie. go with a group or girls, dress up, and make it an event. this was all made possible thanks to my girl

Meghan who happens to be my brothers girlfriend slash
fashion blogger slash inside hook up slash THANKS MEGHAN!
cost: $ free

condom supplies to last till 2012, chocolate, whitening toothpaste, electric toothbrush, $25 GC to LaSenza, LaSenza underwear, a Candace Bushnell book, and my new fav hair removal, Nair, no strip microwave wax (the best),

and some eye candy they photograph you with and have printed and framed for you when you leave. oh to be spoiled!


niki.mac said...

Nice swag!

bloggeranonymous said...

Thats AWESOME! YES to free stuff!!

Anonymous said...

touching on mens chest eh? really! :)

ShandyLand said...

Awwww, I love it! I went to a pre screening here in Atlanta. It was a ton of fun, but our gift bag was no where near as cool as yours lol, especially with the book included, nice!

maya said...

Shandy! welcome to the blog :)
they spoiled us silly. maybe that's why the movie was amazing for me