Saturday, May 8, 2010

"nothing taste as good as skinny feels"

-kate moss
now that i have your attention, let me explain :)
lots of peeps have been asking me about my fashion photography and the answer; i've taken a little break. i was a bit bored with the whole fashion industry. i've kinda been in the machine of it all and i'm finally taking a step back to see if i like the bigger picture and to be quite honest it needs a remix. beauty is more that what we're seeing and fashion including my images are only a fraction of the diversity out there. moving forward i'd like to help change the face of fashion by working with ALL types of beauty. that being said, i've dealt with a lot of flack with people saying models need to eat more, "they're too skinny", blah blah blah blah. i agreed with part of that. a lot of models for one tend to be young. as young as 13 years old so their metabolism works for skinny and in turn fashion, or some just have 'skinny' genes. other models go on super strict diets which are deemed "crazy" by most. Up until this point i agreed with this statement but lately i've had a change of heart. i took a time out to think about what makes sense to me: eating whatever i want and feeling gross, then hitting the gym OR being aware and disciplined with my diet and maintaining an active physical lifestyle. in theory, i'm gonna have to go with the latter. we live in a country where indulgence is the norm. we snap our fingers and are fortunate enough to eat whatever our heart desires even if it can kill us. we just have so much food and it taste oh so good for that minute. but that fact is we have too much food. so much we end up having to throw it out because it went old or we eat so much it hurts. and when someone has the nerve to exercise control we scoff. how backwards are we! i'm all about taking control of my life (control freak right here) and i don't like this auto-pilot mode i'm in. i've been so turned off by food lately. it's either frozen, pumped with steroids or hormones, too salty, too sweet, too saturated. i don't even know what i'm eating anymore i can't take it!
my mission: to life a healthy life by being aware of what i eat and exercising will power. healthy is not a size kate.
soooo.....that was long winded. My point was, I am taking control of my mind and body by going on a juice cleanse. I've been wanting to do it for a while but have successfully put it off. i attempted a fast last year for lent and failed at the raw food diet. that was partly due to lack of research, preparation and i wasn't aware of how painful detoxing can be and threw in the towel after day 3. this time around i'm doing a 7 day juice, with 3 days of prep before and 3 days of weening after.
this cleanse is all about will power, change, and ridding my body of the harmful toxins that have built-up over the years. i've been feeling really yucky inside and i want a healthy reboot. once i have a clean slate i'm hoping to start a healthy new life in new york!
"one-quarter of what you eat keeps you alive; the other three-quarters keeps your doctor alive."
can you tell this has been on my mind for sometime? guess what my next script will be about :)

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Mr. Taha said...

Proud of you, Ms. Maya! It takes a lot to admit, then commit to change. You sparked some more fire in the kid, as I continue on my journey to achieve balance. Thx and best of luck with the cleanse!