Monday, May 3, 2010

ps at it's best

i had a few curious minds interested in how i achieved the results of my vintage car photo. it's a lot of fiddling with photoshop. if you cruise around on flickr you'll find something called 'actions' which are a set of preset commands made by brilliant minds on flickr. you simply press a button and photoshop will change your original dry digital image into something quite wonderful. i have recently started using actions but for this particular image below i worked layer by layer to create an effect i thought complimented the mood i was striving for. click on the image to get a closer look :)
the original...blah!

a closer look at the color balance:


Annette said...

NICE! Thank you! Im actually going to try this.

Mr. Taha said...

Awesomeness! Thanks for letting us in on the creative process. You really made that photo come to life. Love it!