Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 1 Juicing

i've spent 2 days (since monday) prepping for my juice, which i started today and i'm already looking forward to finishing this madness. saturday i got all the veggies and fruits i'd thought i needed. $50 worth and that will probably only last me 2-3 days. this cleanse is dang expensive! i didn't even go organic! so i bought me a veggie wash for $6. when you're doing the cleanse it's best to start off with a salt water flush. make sure you use non-iodized salt and book your morning off. i'm so looking forward to solids...

my morning juice was:
Bone Building Tonic – high in calcium:
5-6 carrots, 4 kale leaves, 4 sprigs of mint, ½ apple

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