Wednesday, May 19, 2010


how was my 7 day juice you ask? AWFUL! by the end of day 3 my stomach was tied in a knot. when you're juicing make sure to implement lots of veggies and not just fruits. the veggies being juiced were carrots and beets, which happen to have a high sugar count. so by day 4 not only was i on a sugar high, i had to drop another $50 bucks this time on organic veggies and let me tell you, organic and non-organic is night and day when you're juicing. you can taste the freshness. but too little too late. by the end of day 4 i was too lethargic to move so i went to bed. i woke up 12 hours later to cold sweats and the shakes. i got out of bed feeling like crap and attempted to walk. i had to go down stairs and get something in my gut, which was a daunting task. i ended up needing to slide my way down the wall, looking like a crack whore. "so this is what it feels to detox". anyways. i couldn't take it anymore so i made my final juice on the morning of day 5 and started back on solid fruits and veggies. 5 out of 7 is good enough for me. THEN i was advised to go for a colonic (google it) since my body was bouncing with toxins. so i did finally did yesterday. I CAN'T EFFING SIT! screw this healthy living crap! everyone but me seems to be having a 'dandy' experience. my whole search for health has been a nightmare! 10 pounds smaller with a missing butt was it worth it? HELL NO!!!
ok that's not fair to me...i guess it shrunk my stomach down to size which means i can eat smaller portions. and now that i'm working my way to a normal diet i'm EXTREMELY mindful of what and how much i eat.
summary: juicing is wasteful and therefore i'd recommend a juice fast lasting 1-3 days MAX


niki.mac said...

WOW! Sorry your experience wasn't so good :-/ Thanks for the feedback tho!

bloggeranonymous said...

OHMYGOSH! Maybe I won't be thinking about juice fasting anytime soon!