Tuesday, March 13, 2012

strength in numbers

you cannot do it alone and if you are it must be a very lonely and painful journey. as of late this lesson has been highlighted and punctuated by the almighty universe. some of you may know i'm also working on a documentary on the amazing '80s aerobics movement and thanks to friends and family my journey is not so lonely. i'm currently working with the talented artist Franzisca to visually brand my docs image and the talented writer Meghan Yuri to tighten up my thought and words. i am so grateful to be surrounded by talented minds and am excited about extending my creative family. and a major thanks to my "better or for worse half" boo bear for being my motivation and inspiration.
invest in your family, invest in your friends, invest in your network. life is so much more happier and fulfilling. there is strength in numbers.
home team

con artist team

on that note, i'm forever looking to expand my creative network specifically with talented camera and sound peeps based in New York or Los Angeles. so if you or anyone you know happen to be in the film field and want to get involved in this amazing project holla at me: maya[at]lostinthelegwarmers.com
"united we stand, divided we fall"

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