Monday, March 26, 2012

dry hair help!

i've been on this never ending journey to quench my curl's thirst for moisture. i feel i've been getting closer but i must admit i'm still back at square one. i LOVE the BB treatment but since it isn't 'natural' and it's expensive as heck i must solider on. i will say that my hair was soft and flowy, but the effects are temporary which is what i was going for. moving forward i still need a permanent solution for moisture rich hair!!! argh! the endless products tried. i'm gonna give the Moroccan Oil a shot and perhaps even a protein treatment that's all natural. here's a video i did with fellow curly Miss Andrea Lewis for

a couple products i do love that add moisture are:
especially this organic treatment! my only wish is that my hair felt this moisturized year-round but the effects again are only around 2 days

i love the smell of this Shea Moisture product. the good thing with this is i no longer require gel and it's a soft natural hold as opposed to crispy.
i still need to invest in a shower head filter, cause i'm thinking it's the water in my building....ok. that's enough hair rambling. wish us luck on our hair journey and if you have a MUST TRY hair solution please share.


*Tasha said...

I've been transitioning (from a relaxer to natural) for about a year. I use PhytoSpecific products and I love them. Pricey but good. The products are all natural and are made of plants. My hair definitely feels moisturized and has a healthy sheen to it. Sephora sells the products.

Anonymous said...

I've used Moroccanoil and Macadamia oil - in both the treatment oils and hair masks and my hair has never been better! Got them at as their prices are really good. This is what I got - and I'd definitely recommend them both!

xoxoSheba said...

I am not speaking from years of proven success.However...I tried pure aleo vera juice (last weekend) I made from the plant in my garden. I just scooped out the jelly, blended it and strained it. This stuff is great to put over a leave in conditioner as a sealant. I put it over my leave in mix while my hair was drenched.

Btw...I am loving you shameless self promotion experiment...all the best!!!