Friday, March 23, 2012

frugal things to do in NYC

that's the real trick. to have fun on a budget. thanks to the beautiful weather here NYC you can. as a New Yorker here's a sample of what a local living in Harlem does...well here are 5 things to do:

1) CON ARTIST  an artist workspace and gallery, located in the lower east side aka LES @157 Suffolk St., has year round free exhibits. uber talented homie Dean Millien who constructs master pieces from tin foil has an exhibit from now until April 11. but not to worry, exhibits are constantly on the rise here.  but please check it out for if you're feeling the need for inspiration

2) Central Park is not only home to an amazing biking trail, pond watching, picnic partying, stroll walking, tan bathing centre but it also houses row boats. near 72nd st & 5th ave the Boathouse rents row boats for $12/hr. you can fit up to 4 people which works out to $3 per person. not bad. row your way around, take in the sun, take pictures, it can be fun and/or romantic.

3) Bike along the bike path next to the West Side Hwy. its a near loop around Manhattan but i've started by the Brooklyn Bridge and make my way up all along the West Side before going home on 125th. this path is especially gorgeous at sunset with Jersey as the view. forget the gym, biking is my workout slash fun. p.s. its FREE if you own a bike

4) for a truly unique experience head up to Dykman St. and Washington Heights you will feel like you're in the Dominican Republic. at least i did my first time up there and at the time i hadn't even been to DR. head directly to Dykman on the A train. All along the strip are amazing authentic DR food and clubs. you can also check out Fort Tryon Park, which brings you high above the city revealing an amazing view. you can also dine at Malecon Restaurant located at 4141 Broadway. i suggest going with a pack of peeps since they do serve large portions. and at night you MUST make your way west to see the view of the George Washington Bridge and Downtown NYC and Jersey. it is absolutely beautiful!

5) The Highline located in the Meatpacking District starting from Gansevoort St to 30th is a FREE stroll from a converted train line to a modern park 30ft above ground. not too exciting but its FREE and the view is beautiful at sunset!

this is a quick short list which as the months progress will get longer but there you have it :)
*these photos are not my own. i found them on google

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