Monday, March 12, 2012

Get a Space

progress report #2

i got's me a space! my days of working from home are long gone. it may work for some but with the constant distractions ie handsome hubby, hyper active dog, tv, fridge, you get the picture, it was about time i got a work space. new york is covered in shared work spaces however i opted to go with ConArtist. the great thing about this space is it's shared with other artists. most of the shared spaces i found had a very corporate feel which is totally cool but with ConArtist it just felt like home. so if you are another "work at home head" wanting to up yo game but not quite ready for your own space look into shared work spaces and this site Loose Cubes.
these photos were taken for the current exhibit "yaay". the actual "sit down get it down" and backdrop aren't in this shot. i'll have to add those.

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