Thursday, March 8, 2012

progress report #1

despite my ranting i still get things done. i could do without these crazy voices in my head but anyways...where have you been missy? fill me in! i needs to know!
i finally finished updating my photography website back in february. you can view my images at:
my confession...90% of the images on my site were shot while i was living back in vancouver...that was over 3 years ago! sad but true! i have a ton new nyc stuff i need to post but at least the site is up and running

the most notable addition to my work are home interiors and weddings and soon to be added, kids! i've taken a more commercial lifestyle approach with a fashionesque flair. i'm really looking forward to shooting more weddings especially destination ones. there's something whimsical about celebrating love, far away in paradise.
the site is being hosted by:
if you are a photographer looking to sell anything online and want a template, flash free site this is the answer right here. i was keen on making sure my new site could load on an iphone or ipad and had a simple straightforward layout. they give you a 30 day free trial which i extended for 3 months before finally purchasing the "pro-unlimited" package which goes for $30/month. take advantage of the trial period to learn how to navigate through their platform. 
so yeah that pretty much sums that up.

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