Tuesday, October 5, 2010

it's closer than you think

HALLOWEEN!!! that is!
halloween in NYC is going to be an explosion of fun for me. as you all know i love to do it up big and if you don't know you can check it here and here. i know i'm going to be a diva this year and i think i'm settled on Tina Turner. the hubby is still figuring it out. latest addition Miss Jackie O will get to experience her first Halloween Maya style! David came up with the most genius costume....Ash from Fantastic Mr. Fox. If you haven't seen it already go rent it. brilliant movie! anyways we'll have to train her to leave the sock on her head :) but my little girl has a fox look to her so it's perfect!

she doesn't look too impressed...but perfect casting don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

lol that costume idea for your dog is hilarious!!