Saturday, November 7, 2009

the wait is over

finally! after slaving like a beast here are the long awaited pics as per my fan requests. remember last year? this time around i embraced the elements that make Minnie all that, a bag a chips and the dip. cheers!
this one is my fav! nothing screams cartoon like a floating head. p.s. please don't sue me disney

and in black and white

here i learned the wonderful uses of 'preset brushes' in photoshop. p.s. don't mess around with Minnie :)

gotta throw in the retro shots

and of course Minnie is all about being feminine and girlie hence the pink


FLY LADY DI said...

YOU ARE AMAAAAAAZING!!!! I love love love these. Go Minne! Go Minnie! Go Minnie... Dora was good too but u def pulled all stops on this one. Kudos times a million! Hee hee

Andrea Lewy Lew said...

lol Amazing!! :)

bloggeranonymous said...

this are freaking freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Maya YOU are a genius! There's no other way to describe your brilliance!