Thursday, October 14, 2010

road to home

roadtrips! i have a love hate relationship with them. when i feel as though i've spent more time getting there than actually enjoying the final destination i feel jipped. anywhozzers... i went back home to Toronto to spend a grand total of 2 days with the fams. such a tease but i'll be back and next time longer.

cost: $300/car rental + $120/gas

jackie all up in my shot

what this trip was all about...breaking bread with people you love. Thanksgiving pinoy style :)

since i'm frugal like that i headed to Toronto's Habitat for Humanity's Restore searching for a bathroom vanity hoping to lug it across the boarder.

they didn't have what i was looking for :( i need shelving and doors. still a favourite shopping spot of mine but Home Depot here I come.

i did not buy a single thing on my trip. i'm still on the prowl for black ankle booties that lace up and have a heel. i guess i'll go online. but while cruising the mall i saw these wonderful window displays at Artizia

so cute! i want one!

miss Jackie was happy wagging her tail just before we hit the road. then we arrived to Toronto and she got sick :( this is us at East York Animal Clinic. I love these peeps! In NY these vets will hustle you using fear tactics to dose you pup on meds and everything else. EYAC listen, are understanding and use a holistic approach so my little lady will be switching her diet to the raw meats. ummm!

5 AM back on the road to home

the kraken sleeps

how my stay felt...actually how my life feels

sometimes i'm able to bend time and slow it down...

our good friend Damion discovering his addiction to photography

i finally wake up and it's light

unless you live or drive by the Canadian boarder you Americans have no idea of the joy Tim Horton's brings to my life. especially when you're on the road counting miles

there should be epic music playing along side this photo

i loves how there's a gas station named loves ♥

Damion posing it up with missy

everybody loves them some Jackie O even my cousins kitten Kobe. hopefully i can get the video footage. but here's papa and his little girl :)

oh the memories!


Solemn Reverie said...

wonderful photos.

FLY LADY DI said...

i know. timmies. the joys of canada.

bloggeranonymous said...

We saw tims in ny!!!
Glad your trip went well!! Pooor misss jooooo!

Anonymous said...
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ShandyLand said...

Great pics and glad you all made it back safe and that your pup is better.

shannon teresa said...

this was a treat! I loved the photo story, well crafted