Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blaze it Up!

my indecisive self decided not to be Tina Turner when this stroke of genius hit me....BLAZE from American Gladiator. I thought it fitting for my immigrant self be patriotic and what better character to best exemplify awesomeness?! this year i spent a pretty penny. although my costume itself cost just under $40 i paid $60 to get my hair did! that's $100 now that i think about it! wtf?! i would have done my hair my dang self but with the bathroom being renovated and all i have no mirror or time for that matter. or did i? i went to one of the many braiding salons here on 125th however my critical eye couldn't stand the fact that the woman doing my hair didn't know what the heck she was doing. it should have only taken 1.5hrs but it took her nearly 3! i could do it in 1.5hrs. i'm getting mad just sitting here thinking about it so let's move on :)

that's me in the zone with 15mins to spare before heading to work. we got to rock our costume! YAY! David was crackin' jokes on me saying i looked like a super hero sewing her costume

red, white, and blue...the making of

those would be my super hero bottoms

luckily i had a red tank top. all i need now is some white trim :)

of course the full blown photo shoot is just around the corner :)


niki.mac said...

aaaah the suspense!! haha

ShandyLand said...

EXCITING!! You are a SUPER hero!