Tuesday, October 26, 2010

home improvement

how's the bathroom you ask? the bathroom was on hold because these housing peeps broke a huge hole in the wall to fix a leak on the apartment below and didn't patch up their mess for 2 weeks. but after maya's harassing tactics someone finally came in and did their job yesterday. since we couldn't do anything in the bathroom my impatient behind moved onto the ugly NY wood cabinets. with the help of my uber strong hubby i repainted them and installed a new counter top from ikea. progress is being made! renos are stressful for me. not having a home for items, tippy toeing, and cleaning up sawdust and drywall is not cool but having a place i can relax is :)
here are the before photos. after photos coming soon

are you seeing the layers of personality left behind? and that hideous paint job? would it kill you to remove the plate before painting?

i can't wait to share what i've done. oh i can see the finish line already


bloggeranonymous said...

I just puked a little, but can't wait to see the finished product!!!

Shannon Teresa said...

you betta WORK!