Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where to Stay in NYC

it's summer and i'm sure all you tourist will be invading us again. but where to stay you ask? and at prices that won't break your bank? check out these hotels and hostels:
The Pod is super cute!!! They have 2 locations and they're both located on the east side! You're close to the 6 train which makes travel convenient. Minutes away from Times Square and a train ride away from Union Square.

The Jane Hotel is located right in the heart of the Meat Packing District. This means you have the beautiful view of the High Line and if you like clubbing you're surrounded by them.

The cool thing with Air BnB is individuals are putting their homes up. You can rent a couch, bed, or bedroom depending on your budget. The great thing is this can allow for versatility around the city. Stay a couple nights in Manhattan, then head out to Brooklyn.
This was the first hostel I stayed at years ago. Located on the Upper West Side by Columbia University. You literally only have a bed. The bathrooms are communal and there's an option of shared "dorm" room style or your own private room. I suggest private.

now that you have options for stay here in NYC, come out and visit me!!!

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