Friday, June 22, 2012

Pretty Little Liars

man! what's up with YouTube's obsession with makeup and hair?! well it goes beyond YouTube. we are visual creatures. some people call it superficial and materialistic, but i believe at the root of it we are sophisticated animals...i mean, heck birds flaunt their feathers and so do we. the more outlandish the more "attractive". however positive or negative that attraction is. anyways...i'm taking notes of this obsession and thinking of creative ways to parlay and exploit this into my "shameless" study.
but i digress. MAKEUP! what better way to snag em than look your best?! here are my tips to trick those suckers :)

makeup used:
Face wash- Dr. Bronner's Organic Pure Castile, peppermint 
Moisturizer- Avalon Organics
Concealer- Rimmel (soft honey)
Primer- Tart
Foundation- Tart (warm walnut), love this line!!! all natural
Powder- Ruby Kisses $5, i bought this on 125th for my RuPaul drag face not wanting to spend $20+ and surprisingly this stuff  gets the job done! this brand is hypo-allergenic, non-comeogenic, and talc-free...SCORE
Eye brows- Lancome, but use whatever! my mom gave this to me so imma use it til it's gone :) i would totally go for a drugstore brand though
Eye primer- MAC (bamboo)
Eye shadow- MAC (arena and cork), cheap drugstore grey and black...i can't remember the brand but it was cheap!
Mascara- L'Oreal Voluminous
Lipstick- MAC (frost)


xoxoSheba said...

What product to you use when you twist up your hair before you go to bed?

maya said...

@xoxoSheba, i've created a whole post answering this...
thanks for stopping by :)