Thursday, June 7, 2012


have i been hiding under a rock? i guess so cause i just discovered the awesomeness that is sound cloud. since making these YouTube videos i've been scouring the net for original, royalty free music and was on cloud 9 when i found some of these ridiculously talented producers. the best part of this is it's either free or like $1-2 per track! AND you're helping artist get their work heard! and there are dope peeps here! i most recently featured the amazing sounds of Viral Groove in my Ultimate Curly Hair Tutorial and love these other track right here:
  i've worked with the chill vibes of Clear Blue... and of course my first find Tinush who has that fun, quirky quality similar to my persona: and this play list right here is great when i edit photos for hours and days on end...2hrs and this dude mixes everything i love, hiphop, orchestra, electronica, jazz...not originally produced but definitely wicked skills and brilliance in mixing

peep these tracks and get on sound cloud!!!

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome I have a youtube as well and have been searching for cool royalty free music thanks so much.