Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Ultimate Curly Hair Tutorial

and where exactly have you been missy?! hummmm?
excuses aside, sometimes i just don't wanna blog.  but yeah....
what i love about this #shameless challenge is that i'm forcing myself to learn and do things i'd rather not do. me and final cut pro aka fcpx are getting close these days and we're understanding one another more. i'm really excited to start working on my documentary now that i've learned all these cute tricks AND i have a better understanding for quick vids which will really help out when i start to edit my teaser trailer :) but yeah...more on that soon!
NOW for all you curlies...Maya present's: The Ultimate Curly Hair Tutorial!!! i keep getting harassed about my hair and apparently if you have curly hair and a YouTube channel you better make at least one video address the most noticeable thing in the shot. i went through great lengths to bring this to you so appreciate :)
some photos from instagram :)
and the video uploaded:


Ann G said...

Great video Maya! Can you list the conditioner and moisturizer you used that wasn’t apart of the Shea Moisture line? Thanks!

maya said...

The conditioner was Shea Moisture. The deep conditioner was Parnevu Organic. The moisturizer was Shea Moisture...i listed them all in the video.

Peace Girls said...

Hey, I love your blog and your "shameless self promotion study". I know that living in Los Angeles I have missed on tons of networking opportunities because I was not brave enough to just simply promote myself. Please check out my blog, dimeepeace.blogspot.com

Aaliyah R. said...

Hey I love the video it was soo funny and your hair is very pretty. Just a quick question. how do you preserve your hair at night for second day hair?

maya said...

hello ladies! thanks for the comments and support. @aaliyah r. the best thing to do is read my curly blog post. @peace girls nice blog and plug yourself!!! #shameless!

Maya And Jamila- The Double Life said...

LOVE this video and your blog! My twin sis Maya and I (yes her name is Maya) think you are so dope! Your blog along with Those Girls Are Wild, & Around the way curls inspired us to start our own! We act, direct, dance, & teach Zumba amongst other things so we consider ourselves having a Double Life! You are so inspiring and highly entertaining! Thank you for doing what you do! - Jamila